CRM that works with Reckon Accounts Hosted

We’ve reversed this decision.   We’re no longer supporting Reckon Accounts hosted.   The effort to support the Reckon platforms is not worthwhile for us, and so we’ve decided to focus on our Xero, MYOB and EXO integrations.

As a long time Reckon Partner, we’re pleased to announce that in Version 4 of Tall Emu CRM we have added support for Reckon Accounts Hosted.

For those that don’t know, Reckon Accounts Hosted is a cloud version of Reckon’s desktop product which runs in the browser.   It’s the same powerful Reckon product as the desktop – just accessible from anywhere.

So – if you are a small biz considering sticking with Reckon and want a CRM to match – you’ll be able to use Tall Emu CRM as soon as we finish testing.