7 NEW Ways “Customer Care” can be automated using CRM

7 NEW Ways “Customer Care” can be automated using CRM

 1)      Auto responder

Any contact with your business through a web form, can have an automated response created using Tall Emu CRM (TE CRM). No need to use a third party plug-in and your customer gets an instant message to acknowledge their interest. You can also add links or attach a PDf, which might give more information relating to their enquiry. There’s nothing like a good first impression.

2)      Web form posting direct to CRM

TE CRM enables you to create your own web forms and when these are pasted into your website will automatically post the data directly into your CRM. This can be configured to alert the right people within your company so they can respond.

 3)      Automate follow-up.

The time between lead or customer contact and the follow-up can make all the difference between a successful sale and a lost opportunity. In TE CRM you are able to create an automated follow-up process.  This can be done by personalised email, fax or SMS to the lead or a reminder sent to the sales person to give them a call.

 4)      Share data amongst all parts of the business (where appropriate).

This enables the customer’s contact history to be available to all the people within the organisation.  So now when a customer calls, there is no excuse for a call not to be responded to in a personalised way.


 5)      Dynamic Segmentation or Dynamic list building

This automatically and continually adds people to a list that has segmentation rules set. An example of this would be renewals. You could set a rule that says 30 day before a renewal date is due, an email gets sent to the client informing them that it time for renew. As this is automatic, not one customer will gets left out.  If this was a mission critical service, like software or web-hosting or insurance cover, then this prompt would save a lot of heart ache. The application of this feature is endless.

6)      Ring Ring “Good morning Mr Smith, I am David, how can I help you”

We support over 30 PBXs that can be integrated with TECRM.  This means when a customer calls your company the CRM will tell your staff who is calling. The inbound call triggers the customers call screen to open. Even better who took the call and how long it went for will be automatically recorded.  No more relying on your staff to do the initial data entry of this customer interaction.  The call screen pop-up can be configured so that it requires a comment on the nature of the call or a selection made from a drop-down.

7)      Tailored your communication to a New Lead

Your customer’s history is now in the CRM and with that you can segment and tailor the way you interact with them. But how do you do the same thing with a new lead that has only filled in your enquiry form or download an eBook?

Using our website tracking technology we collect depersonalised data on every visitor’s interaction on our websites but as soon as they fill in a web form they make that data personal. It can tell you where they found you i.e.  Google AdWords or direct or by what keyword, and the pages they visited and how long they spent. You now have talking points when you get on the phone. You can even use this insight to ear mark them for a future email marketing campaign.