Google Adwords Data combined with Google Analytics in Tall Emu CRM

Google Adwords Data combined with Google Analytics in Tall Emu CRM

Being an online marketing consultant I am always running reports for my clients and for myself to gauge and monitor performance.

Very often the data I need is in both the Google AdWords account and in Google Analytics account. Usually there is no easy way to use their reporting tools to combine and order the data in one view; especially on a month to month basis.

Report Adwords & analytics combined in CRM






That’s where Tall Emu CRM has saved me heaps of time. Using Google’s API the Tall Emu CRM software has the ability to build almost any report if the data available to consume.

I got this report built for a particular client and I love it. It is using both AdWords and Google Analytics data combined / merged into one report. This report is a bespoke report, as this client has two types of customers and there is a separate enquiry and sales process for each.  So we track and report on both separately and as a total; but this report brings all that into one report making the data more accessible and meaningful.

Adwords & analytics Graphs

Just when you thought this report couldn’t get any better, we also bring in the “click to call” data that AdWords records but hides, into this report.

more Adwords & Analytics charts

I’ve used variations of this report for other clients and they love it too. As I am a busy man, this report is automated and distributed using the Tall Emu CRM workflow.

If you are an SEM / PPC agency or have multiple AdWords accounts under your stewardship then feel free to talk to us.