Anything Is Possible (With Tall Emu CRM)

Anything Is Possible (With Tall Emu CRM)

Is It Possible?

“Is it possible?” is one of the questions I’m often asked by prospective clients.

Can you email me an excel spreadsheet at the end of every day?

Given that a lot of the futuristic stuff I saw on TV is a kid is already with us, it seems like a bit of a silly question. We have robot dogs, self-driving cars and AI smartphones that can understand us when we speak.

Everybody has a pocket GPS that doubles as a camera and gives you access to the sum of the world’s knowledge. So, I’m pretty sure I can send you an excel file automatically.

It may sound like a silly question, but it’s not. Small businesses in Australia are poorly served when it comes to software that helps them run their businesses and Tall Emu’s aim is to change that.

Accounting software is written for accountants by accountants and cannot be used to run a business (or at least – shouldn’t be!). Large scale ERP platforms are the next logical step up – if you have $60-200k to implement one and you get the right vendor.

So companies are forced to make do with inefficient processes using string and sticky tape, excel spreadsheets and accounting add-ons.

How Does Tall Emu Help?

Tall Emu is a cloud app that’s been designed to handle the processes in your business that your accounting system doesn’t. It doesn’t need a team of men in white coats to set it up, or to drag you to the nuthouse when you get frustrated trying to get it working.

You can use it off the shelf, and it can be implemented and up and running in a few hours, not months.

We can customise it for you – whether you need automatic excel spreadsheets emailed, third party logistics, freight quotes, SMS messages, custom integrations or just a few extra fields – we can do the lot. And it will be nowhere near the cost and complexity of an ERP platform.

What Can Tall Emu Do?

What will it do “off the shelf?”

  • Centralise your company contact data.
  • Manage your pipeline in grids, maps, and Kanban views.
  • Let you make quotes and send them as PDF, or online web-based quotes that customers can accept and pay for online.
  • Take sales orders and manage your inventory.
  • Link with Woo Commerce to download orders automatically, and process them to MYOB or XERO.
  • Connect to a load of different Aussie freight companies for real-time quote comparisons.
  • Sync data with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor for marketing campaigns.
  • Automatically send you CSV files or reports on a schedule you choose.
  • Automatically receive CSV files and import them.
  • Let you find leads on a map and add them to CRM.
  • Sync with your outlook, and show you important customer data alongside your emails.

If you think your small business needs its data centralised and its processes streamlined, then Tall Emu is able to help – and fast. Start Your Free Trial

Bonus Content

Some of the “Futuristic” stuff I saw growing up on TV…

Back in the 90’s, Star Trek – set in the 24th Century – thought we’d all have tablet computers. It’s not even the 23rd Century yet and we have iPads!

In 1979, “Battlestar Galactica” predicted autonomous bipedal robots that would kill most of us.

Boston Dynamics have prototypes of robots that can do parkour, run through snow – and will one day probably hold weapons. I’m not ready to place bets on whether they will kill us all, but I’ll bet robots will end up taking out a fair few of us.

The 80’s also brought us “Knight Rider” – featuring KITT – a Sassy car with a mind of its own that could drive itself. In reality, we have Elon Musk – a Sassy tech billionaire who has spearheaded the development of the self-driving car. It’s not quite the same but close enough, and Elon is a bit sassier than KITT ever was.

The fact is, technology is moving along at a fair old clip and things that were science fiction just a few short years ago are now reality. I loved KITT back when I was a kid – and here in 2019 my next car will be a Tesla.