Connect your phone system to CRM to save time, money and stress.

Connect your phone system to CRM to save time, money and stress.


Tall Emu yet again brings Enterprise-grade features down to the SME sector with our new phone to CRM link.

Our new ‘phone link’ not only tracks and logs calls automatically inside CRM saving you time, manual effort, and it saves you the hassle and the frustration of ensuring staff record these calls in CRM.

Since we now have call data on the inbound and outbound call activity in your business, you can easily monitor and report on this call activity with Tall Emu’s Dashboards and the KPI Reporting system (only available in version 3 or above).

For most businesses the telephone is where most of the selling activity actually gets done and is usually still the best sales converting tool in your business, so knowing as much as you can about this is crucial.

Already running call reports from your Phone System?

  • Tall Emu links the call data directly into CRM against the customer’s record – automatically.
  • Talk time, ring time, abandoned calls can all be seen real-time in CRM.
  • Inbound calls let you know who is calling – and show essential data about that client or lead.
  • Log call outcomes and notes easily over and above the automated logging.

What does it look like?


Step One: Notification Popup.

This appears when someone calls in, and their number is in CRM. If the phone on the desk is ringing (e.g. ring group) or direct line, this popup will appear. When someone takes the call – this will disappear.   If you have more than one line, the CRM will show you which line is being called- ideal if you have sales and support numbers.



Step Two: Call Answered – Smartbar displayed

When the call is answered – the “Smartbar” pops up. It shows purchase history, open opportunities and more – all clickable to open relevant areas of CRM. Each user could choose when and if they want this to open.

Options include when the call is ringing, when it is answered, or not at all. Reception may not want the smartbar – but sales… you bet they will.






Step Three: CRM Popup

When a call is made or an inbound call is answered, we automatically open a pop screen in CRM. Either a “Call” screen, a company, a contact or our enhanced “One page quote” form:


Each user may select their preferred screen. Again – sales may want the “fast quote screen”. Reception may want nothing at all.

Extra Bonus: Call From outlook

From within side outlook – you can click on the call and it will dial, logging the call automatically in CRM.


Finally – the new version of CTI automatically creates proper CRM call records – call direction, client, and duration. This can then be reported on in the KPI reporting and dashboards, reviewed against customer records.

Will it work for me?

Tall Emu CRM works with a whole lot of phone systems from NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, Avaya and more.  You can see if your phone system works with CRM by clicking here.  If your phone system isn’t on the list, don’t be disheartened – the same phone system may be called different things in different parts of the world – just contact us and we’ll help you out.

This is just the start

Because Tall Emu CRM is forever developing and usually at the request of our customer, there is no end to what is possible from this new functionality.

Idea #1: Set up email notification when a “HOT lead” calls into the office. This is especially useful if you are the Sales Person trying to close the deal but you are busy. You are going to want to drop everything to get back to them. Never again rely on someone taking a message for you.

If you have any suggestions let us know. Remember, you need to upgrade to get this feature and to order and pay for a CTI licence.

Contact us via our contact form or get in touch with support if you’re interested in our new phone features.