CRM Reports built using Adwords API – Monthly (versus last month & 12 month trend)

CRM Reports built using Adwords API – Monthly (versus last month & 12 month trend)

Using Google’s AdWords API we’ve pulled in data to Tall Emu CRM to build a report for clients.

As you may know, its often the case that your AdWords account could be running lots of different campaign types be it targeting the display network, remarketing or generic and brand terms.  In the case of this particular client they have multiple locations which we run out of one AdWords account.

Adwords Segmented using CRM

As each location and each targeting method has different performance matrix its vital that you  report on these separately. If you’re brave enough to put this level of detail in front of client its best to do so with context and I have also pulled in last months and the trend over the last 12 months.

segmented Adwords CRM report

Now I know, some reports go over the top of the heads of some clients but this report is useful to me which is why I like it so much.

In time your clients will see the benefit of it too but you’ll have to explain why the details shows some of the weaker performing aspects of the AdWords account.  Reporting on topline account level performance is addictive but getting into the detail will help the optimization process and the depth of the conversation you can have with a client.

I simply can’t get this report in AdWords but Tall Emu CRM allows me to segment or group at will and bring in other data to give results the context they need to be useful. As with all reports in Tall Emu CRM they can be automated to run and send without me lifting a figure.