Customer Portal Launched

Customer Portal Launched

Tall Emu have launched a Free customer portal that you can brand with your logo and colours that you can give to your customers, limited to 10 on the free portal plan.

Why Do I need a Customer Portal?

There are two big objective to having a customer portal.

First, is to have your customers buy your products online at the special pricing or discounts you offer them and only them. So essentially you get an instant eCommerce platform without the webdev cost and more self service sales. Brilliant for those customers that order regularly.

The other benefit is that this just drops into your CRM and process and ultimately updates your XERO, MYOB or Exo Business accounting system.

The second big objective is to save your staff doing spending countless hours dealing with email, calls for whole bunch of stuff that the Portal just makes go away.

So those sales above now don’t need staff to process those sales.

The Customer portal also shows all invoices and those that are outstanding can be paid online or downloaded (can you send me that invoice just goes away).

If you use the Tall Emu Ticketing system then the status of tickets are also available. Again this will save calls and email to find this out.

Instant E-commerce Platform

So its total possible that a new customer can buy Tall Emu, link their accounting system, import all the products and have these in the portal for people to buy the same day.

Get Started?

If you are a current customer then get in touch with us via help desk or call the office directly.

If you are not a Tall Emu CRM customer go here and request a call back and we will show you the best small business software in Australia (yes you’ve never heard of).