Don’t like writing website content?

Don’t like writing website content?


Better at talking than writing? Don’t like writing content? This might help.

In my office I am known for always looking for the shortest way to get to a destination or finding a destination that’s the closest to the office.

It’s not that I am ‘lazy’ it’s more that I am ‘energy efficient’. Seriously though, it’s in my DNA to find shortcuts and its the same when it comes to work.

When I am confronted with a task that looks big and time consuming, then that’s when I start looking for options to reduce its size to be more manageable.

Writing content is one of those tasks that stumps myself and my clients. I am always recommending that they write content as “Google food” especially for the long tail terms and to demonstrate their knowledge as a subject matter expert.

You don’t always have the option of outsourcing content writing, especially when you are an expert in your field. So it’s back on you to write the content.

Recently, I had the idea of listening to the one of our more recent Reckon webinars and to take the best bits and reuse them for website content.  So I was planning on listening and transcribing it.

Getting it transcribed is good, as not everyone has the time to watch an hour long video.  Not only that, sometimes one can explain things verbally in a far better way, than anything we would write on our website.

So transcribing this webinar might get us some great content for our to describe our product offering.


Quick Google Food made easy

So, having got the idea, I was not keen on sitting there and writing it all up.  That’s when I did a quick search for a service that could do it for me…and I found one. Two days later I got 13 pages of Google food in a word doc and started to think of ways to use it.

We asked for the transcription to be time stamped, as we wanted to give the readers the ability to jump to the section of the transcription (or the video) that they were interested in.

So, because of my laziness energy saving ways we ended up with a lot of SEO rich content, two different ways of consuming that content being Audio or the written word and a neat usability trick of being able to skip to the parts that interest you.

Now we have found this method creating content at least in its raw form is quick. Obviously, it may need work to reuse elsewhere but then if you gave it to a copy writer they would have something to work with.


Need Help?

If you want to know the vendor we have used for the transcription or how we hyper linked into the video at a particular point then please email me directly.

In the meantime go here to see the transcription and video of the webinar.