Free Time Tracking Software

Free Time Tracking Software


Get your Free Real-Time Employee Task Tracker

We have created a web-based task tracker, built to be used on a Smart Phone or Tablet in your work place.
Simply assign tasks to your employees and they appear on the device and can be started, stopped and checked off. The time is automatically logged against the task.

We initially built this to control the operations of a nationwide catering companies’ kitchens, but it is broadly applicable to any manufacturing organisation where jobs are created and need to be time-tracked and checked off as they are completed.

What does it do?

  • Provides a way of allocating tasks. Every staff member will now have their own to-do list, and the todo list can be generated (with customisation) based on your own business rules.
  • You can now Track how long an actual task took to complete.
  • Compare actual time taken against the estimate.

Over time the data this will collect will feed back into your estimates. You can manage and measure lost working time, productivity and have a real time indication of task status.

How does it work?

  • Set Tasks in CRM and assign to your employees
  • Estimate time for each task
  • Employee logs into their time tracker (on their mobile or a device you provide)
  • The Employee see the list of tasks assigned to them
  • Each staff member can starts, pause and complete the task on their Task Tracker in the location where they work.
  • No need to have a CRM licence for this these employees so you can give access to all your staff and contractors at no cost!


  • Better insight into how long things ACTUALLY take to-do
  • Better monitoring of Staff working in the business
  • Better Resource planning
  • Better Estimates of time to do a job…takes away the guess work
  • All the Data sent back to CRM for Reporting purposes
  • Brings accountability to the process.
  • Massive customised Reporting potential
  • Real-time mobile task tracking for contactors

What does this cost?

This is a free add-on for Tall Emu CRM. If you have a current Tall Emu CRM licence, there is no charge for this extension[*].
The Web Time tracker allows unlimited employee and contractor access – free.

[*] There is no software licence fee for this product, and users are unlimited. You will need a compatible version of Tall Emu, and installation/training/setup fees apply if you do not have a managed support agreement.