Merge multiple Google Analytics website data into one report using Tall Emu CRM

Merge multiple Google Analytics website data into one report using Tall Emu CRM

Do you have more than one websites? Have you ever needed to know what the rolled up Google Analytic stats are for each of your websites, but in a combined view (i.e. what is my total organic traffic across all my websites)? Have you every tried to doing this using Google Analytics? Well then you know that it’s impossible.

You’ll have to run the report or reports that you need in each Google Analytics account for each website and then merge this data in excel.

Well I am lazy and I hate doing things that just seem dumb and laboriousness when there should be an easier way.

I searched high and low for a single application or software that did this. I found a few that said they did but where a nightmare to understand…so I gave up.

That was until I recommend a client to have multiple websites as part of an aggressive marketing strategy to drown out their competition (and it worked). We built them 27 websites and I promised them that this was going to lead to more SEO traffic and a higher conversion rate (and it did) but now I had the mother of all jobs reporting on it.

multiple website profiles one report

To stop me moaning, our top Business Intel guy and master report builder (you know who you are) took charge and made me this report. See the sample above.

As you’ll see, its all the websites listed and the total revenue broken out by Medium. It also brings in data from the same period but for the previous year, to give some context. At the bottom you get the totals of all the websites combined.

As much as I was happy, that my online marketing strategy worked, I will forever be grateful that this powerful report is available to me and my clients.