I saved a client $80,000 while eating Sushi

I saved a client $80,000 while eating Sushi


I received a very excited text message today, telling me I’d just saved a client $80,000 by accident!

Given that all I’d done that morning was a few demos of our product, drank a coffee and ordered some Sushi I was intrigued as to quite how I’d managed this.

Turns out that a feature of our system (which had indeed been switched on by accident) had kicked in and generated a large invoice.

At first there was a little grumbling… “The CRM system’s generated a duplicate invoice” – but the grizzling soon stopped when they checked the accounting system and realised that it wasn’t a duplicate after all. Tall Emu CRM had just generated an invoice for $80,000 worth of product that otherwise would have been missed.

Sometimes I don’t think we charge enough.

Here’s what happened.

Tall Emu CRM has a nice facility called “Shipments” – which is used to track the dispatch of goods from A-B. It can be from a supplier to your warehouse – or transfers between your warehouses – or from your warehouse to a client. It’s basically consignment tracking right down to the consignment note number, or in the case of importing product from overseas – Bill of Lading numbers.

We have a couple of settings that we can configure to let the system know what to do in the event someone attempts to ship goods that have not yet been invoiced. The setting at this client was “Auto Generate invoice based on shipped items”. This allows salespersons to take orders, but only invoice whatever was actually shipped. There are other options too, such as “Don’t allow the shipment to be created” and “Prevent Shipment”

Previously, the client wasn’t using our shipment module. In fact, they’d only started using it recently preferring before to operate their paper-based dispatch process, followed up with manual invoicing. It’s not uncommon – we see many business that run on Accounting System/Brainpower/Paper and Excel.

Thanks to recently enabling this feature and starting to use it, a potentially costly mistake was averted!

This is just one of the many benefits of businesses integrating and automating their business processes using Tall Emu CRM and their preferred accounting system – paper based processes are eliminated allowing automated cross-checks, reporting and the application of business rules.

I think tomorrow I’ll have steak.