Intelligence in your Inbox

Intelligence in your Inbox

Inbox 360 makes your Outlook inbox smarter. When clients or leads email you, or you email them, Tall Emu’s Inbox 360 Outlook displays critical information at a glance, right there in your outlook.

It’s completely automatic, amazingly useful, and beautiful to use.

It’s hard to explain just how useful this actually is until you try it – it’s one of those “words don’t do it justice” things, so I am going to let the screenshots and bullet points speak for me.


There’s no need to switch between CRM, Accounting systems and Outlook to understand the status of your relationship.  Inbox 360 summarises it neatly in one spot.  It works in and out of your office, and if you don’t have an active internet connection it will show you the most recent data it has.

Inbox SummaryThis screen gives a quick summary without needing to move anywhere.

  • Personal and company details
  • Click to call for phone number
  • Clickable web link
  • First and Last contact dates for this client
  • Who they normally work with.
The accounting tab shows open invoices and their due date.They’re hyperlinks – so they will open the corresponding invoice record.The same applies to “recent items purchased”.The sales history chart shows us sales to this client over the last 6 months.Acconting Tab
 InfuenceThe influence tab shows us how much influence the person holds.If they have an open opportunity it will be displayed here.If they are an influencer in opportunities, they will be listed too.Business they’ve referred to us will also be shown.
The support ticket tab is pretty straightforward – you can see at a glance all open tickets – broken down into “new”, “overdue” and “All” categories..Tickets

Finally, we see the activities tab.  This shows a business-wide list of activities that anyone in the business has had with the client – not just your inbox. It includes:

  • Emails
  • Meetings, Tasks and Notes
  • Phone calls
  • Web Site visits
  • Web forms filled in on your site.

It’s all in chronological order so you can see the history at a glance.  If you combine this with our phone system integration too, this updates automatically.

How useful is that ?

Inbox 360 works with Tall Emu CRM and MYOB, Reckon Accounts, EXO, Infusion and Empower.