Merry Christmas and Happy New year – and some news

Merry Christmas and Happy New year – and some news

It’s been a long year here at Tall Emu – and we’d like to thank all of our clients, suppliers, partners and resellers for their support on our journey so far.

2018 will be an interesting year – our Cloud CRM has been in limited release to selected early adopter clients during 2017, and we’ve secured a few interesting and sizeable reference sites.    We’ll see the general availability of our Cloud CRM next year.

Our Enterprise CRM and ERP users aren’t going to be left out;  though we haven’t blogged in quite a while we have quite a few new things available now – or will be shortly available in version 4.

Courier Integration

We’ve integrated with Australia Post, Fastway and Star Trak to automatically generate consignments and print labels.  This means that on marking your shipments as “Picked” and telling the system what packaging you’ve used, it will automatically consign with the carrier; produce the labels – and manifest at the end of the day.     We’ll be adding more couriers to this system over 2018 based on demand.

Mobile Pick and Pack

Rather than run around the warehouse with bits of paper, we’ve developed a mobile pick and pack system.  It allows the team to grab a tablet or smartphone and pick, pack and ship orders without running back to the computer or carting bits of paper around.

This is ready for testing and will be generally available in Q1 2018.

Maps in Dashboards

Our Web CRM has some lovely mapping functions;  due to a requirement from one of our key clients (and some pretty good suggestions too) – we’ve decided to pull some of that mapping function into our Desktop CRM.   You’re able to see all of your customer/lead data on the map, and then slice and dice based on criteria such as ‘last visit’ or ‘total sales’.   This will be generally available as part of the v4 Dashboard system in early 2018 (though the client that suggested it will get it this week – it’s only fair!).


We’ve extended version 4 of Tall Emu to be able to load offline conversion data back to Google, as part of our “clickstream” enhancement.  If that sounds like gibberish – talk to your Google consultant – they’ll tell you how cool it is.    It’s valuable for those clients who don’t sell online, but generate leads that way – and will help your Google consultant attribute those offline sales to the online activity.


There’s a lot of other changes in the CRM (and in the pipeline for ERP and Web CRM) but this was supposed to be our Christmas message and it’s already gone on for too long.

So, once again – Merry Christmas from the Tall Emu team and looking forward to a successful 2018 for everyone.