MYOB Acquires Tall Emu CRM

We are super excited to announce that MYOB has acquired Tall Emu CRM.

Here is the MYOB press release –

The following is what Mike Nash sent to our Customers today.

You’re receiving this email because I want you to be one of the first to know that MYOB has acquired Tall Emu CRM

I want to talk briefly about what it means for you as an existing, or potential, Tall Emu client.

In essence, our plans just got a lot bigger – we’re now in a position to build the best CRM/Business Management platform (BMP) in Australia and New Zealand. Our entire team will be focused on this goal.

We’ll be delivering features that you’ve been waiting for, like Workflow and self-service customisation, and more integrations like Shopify and Amazon. We’ve got all the internal access now to make the Tall Emu and MYOB integration really sing!

With MYOB’s backing, we can increase the size of our team and improve every area of our business from management through to product design and support. We’ll be polishing every area of the software and the business, making a better product for you. 

Still the best CRM for XERO

If you’re not using MYOB, don’t panic! Xero is not a dirty word – we’ll still be supporting and enhancing our Xero and other third-party integrations as normal.

On a day-to-day basis, things are not changing in terms of how we work together. There’s a small FAQ below, and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop us a note. Regards,

Mike, David & Darryl


With today’s announcement regarding Tall Emu being acquired by MYOB, rest assured that there are no immediate operational changes planned.   Our focus over the coming months is going to be increasing the size of our team to better handle our plans – and developing and formalising those plans.

Who’s in charge now?

Some MYOB Executives have been added to our board to provide support and strategic guidance to Mike, David and Darryl to help us grow the CRM product and market share. 

Mike, Darryl and David still drive the company day-to-day.   The entire Tall Emu team is staying on, and we’ll be growing the team over 2022 thanks to the new backing that we have from MYOB.

This means the same team is responsible for day-to-day operations. Mike remains CEO.  David is still responsible for marketing.   Darryl, Kieren, Damien, Andy and Daniel still handle support and onboarding.   

Oh no! Why did you guys sell out?

We haven’t 😊.   We’ve been considering getting some investment for a long time to give us the capital we needed to improve and grow the product, company and team.  We ended up having talks with MYOB who liked the product and where we want to take it.  

After a few weeks of finishing each other’s sentences when describing our vision, we realised we had a match and struck a deal.   MYOB are going to help us make CRM awesome and accessible to everyone.

I use Xero, will that still be supported?

Yes absolutely. Many of our customers use Xero and we have no plans to discontinue support for it.

I’m also a customer of MYOB, can I now ask your team for help on MYOB?

No. MYOB will continue to handle queries related to their product. Any queries relating to Tall Emu continue to come through our support team.

What about my project/customisation/jobs/thing you said you’d do for us?

All our existing work will continue as normal.

We’ll be hiring on additional programmers over the coming months.   We’re also going to be able to start to focus more on our general roadmap tasks as we increase the size of our team.

How do I get support?

Please use the normal Tall Emu helpdesk procedures. We’ll be hiring on more team members for our support team over the coming months and if any support procedures change we’ll let you know.

What’s going to happen to CRM?  Is it going to change?

We always had big ideas for CRM, and with the backing of MYOB and their team we’ll be able to deliver our vision sooner.   

There are lots of things we want to do to make CRM better.  We have improvements planned that have been on-hold for a while including automatic workflow, screen design, additional integrations, polishing and making Tall Emu easier to use.     

As we start to work on our plans, we’ll share some of them so you know what’s happening.  

First though, we need to hire more people and get them up to speed, so change will be slow at first until we have the right people on board to help us go faster.