New Hosted CRM option from Tall Emu

New Hosted CRM option from Tall Emu

Many of the people we’ve spoken to have loved the possibilities our CRM offers, but don’t have the infrastructure to install it – or the IT skills on tap necessary to maintain it.

We’ve got some great news –  we’re offering our Enterprise CRM in a SAAS/Hosted cloud fashion.

For those of you who use MYOB Accountright live you’ll be familiar with this approach.  You download the program – but the database and infrastructure is all managed by someone else (in this case Tall Emu and Microsoft).

This means we can do it cheaper, faster and better.   You don’t need to worry about servers, storage space, SQL Server or any of that technical stuff.    Simply subscribe, download and configure.

This is still enterprise software, and so there’s work to do in helping you get going with the software – but there’s less “grunt-work” for you to pay for meaning that we can get you up and running quickly.

The main differences between our Enterprise CRM and the hosted version are:

  • The Hosted version does not require a server; does not require SQL Server.
  • Hosted will NOT support Reckon, EXO or Accountright Classic- these are on-premises applications that are (for now) too hard to support.
  • Hosted WILL support MYOB Accountright LIVE (and soon, XERO and QBO).
  • Webforms, webquotes, webmarketing and clickstream will all use  ‘tallemu’ domains and won’t require any server configuration in your office  making them available to more customers more easily.

We’re even making it possible to sync our Web CRM with Hosted for those that need mobile and tablet based solutions.

If you’re a company that needs fully featured CRM/ERP without a crazy price tag, and without switching from MYOB – get in touch.