New in v3.1 – Importing Goods, Landed Costs and Freight Inwards

New in v3.1 – Importing Goods, Landed Costs and Freight Inwards

If your business is involved in importing and wholesale of goods, Tall Emu v3.1 has some awesome new capabilities that will save you huge amounts of time and paperwork.

Purchase Orders

Issue and send a purchase order from Tall Emu based upon sales history, stock requirements, supplier minimum orders and more. Ordering rules can deal with seasonal items such as Christmas lights, or items stocked all year around.   The Purchase Order rules can be customised on request to suit your business.

Tall Emu will propose a suggested purchase Order which you can modify, send to the supplier and automatically follow up to verify prompt shipment.   The Purchase Order can be issued in any currency and transferred to your accounting system as required.


Your supplier contacts you and provides a packing list which tells you what items are inside the container.  This might include items over a single Purchase Order, or partly-shipping several purchase orders.  The packing list is loaded into Tall Emu against an inbound Shipment.

The shipment tracks documentation related to your import, including freight quotes, bills of lading and other important documentation which puts all of the needed paperwork close to hand.  If you operate multiple locations, you can even specify a landing port and then define which other locations goods will be forwarded to post-arrival.

Import duties and freight costs as well as exchange rate are also stored against the inbound shipment.


At any stage from Purchase Order through shipment, the sales team can see when shipments of stock are due, what’s on them and their status.   Admin and backoffice staff can always see inbound goods, whether they’re on the water or still being processed at the foreign port.

Automatic Landed Cost Calculation

Using the data on the shipment, Tall Emu is able to calculate the Landed Cost of your inbound shipments and update the outstanding purchase orders so you always know what has been shipped, received or remains outstanding.   The Landed cost calculation apportions freight and duties over the products you’ve brought in to give a true cost.    The average landed cost is also updated at this point, and can be updated in your accounting system.  Exchange rate calculation is handled automatically.

Fast Receipt to Stock

Goods can be receipted into stock with a single click.  Confirm quantities and then click to update the stock.  It’s now available to sell.   Moreover, the release of back-orders can be accomplished with one more click – automatically preparing outbound consignments for your clients once goods are available to sell.

Generation of Supplier Bills

Based upon items received and agreed Freight costs and your Purchase Order(s), Tall Emu will calculate the supplier bill.  This can be cross-checked against the actual paperwork received from your supplier and then transferred into your accounting system with a single click.