New in v3.1 – Self-Service KPI reporting

New in v3.1 – Self-Service KPI reporting

Our clients LOVE reports. Dashboards, KPI reports, Timesheets – if it can be reported on, our clients have asked us at one time or another to do it.

Successful businesses need to know where they are to figure out if they’re on track to get where they want to be.  They need visibility of every aspect of their business, and that gives them control of their own destiny.  However, most accounting systems or CRM systems for that matter don’t have great reporting.

Are you getting the reporting you need?

Account systems tend to be “accounting focused” – stuff your accountant or the Tax office needs.  Knowing the current value of your plant and equipment isn’t something you need every day.  Knowing if your sales team are performing, if telemarketing calls are being made, if targets are being hit – and the pipeline is full are.

Tall Emu’s new KPI reporting system has been in sneak-preview mode at selected Managed Support clients over the past year and we’ve built on the fantastic feedback these clients have given us, to help get a nice, polished self-service KPI reports into version 3.1 of Tall Emu.

What can you do?

  • Generate unlimited reports, and have them sent to selected staff members on a schedule as a PDF completely automatically.
  • Report and target on any element of the data within Tall Emu (including accounting data).
  • Set multiple targets – either as a business or per employee – for example – budget, target, stretch-target
  • Charts are built completely automatically, and there are a variety of options to adjust to suit your needs
  • Report on ANY ELEMENT of your business – calls, companies, tasks, notes, tickets, opportunities, quotes, sales orders, stock, products, territories – even custom data sources that are created in your CRM can have KPI and Measurements written for them.

Produce charts like this with no technical knowledge

The chart below is a sample showing the number of invoices issued per employee.  It could just as easily be Gross Profit per invoice per employee, profit per invoice, value of invoices (total, average).

The system will allow you to easily define if you have all employees on one chart, a separate chart – even exclude people from the report , only show the top ‘x’ staff members, or group people who may sell infrequently into an “other” category.

Our KPI system has been built in such a way that it is easy for us to add new KPI on customer request – which is also quick and easy.

Sample KPI Chart