New in v3.1 – The Fastest Quotes in the West

New in v3.1 – The Fastest Quotes in the West

Forget the fastest gun in the west! Do you have the fastest quoting process in the West?

Every moment you spend preparing a quote and logging data is precious, especially if your client is waiting on the phone for a price. They can get impatient while you fill in your forms – after all they want the price – but you need their details to properly follow them up and close the deal.

In Tall Emu v3.1 , we’re pleased to announce the fastest quoting system ever. While a new prospect is on the phone our new system will let you gather the needed company data, log the call, check stock availability and process the quotation in record time. If the quote is accepted you can convert it to an invoice, take payment via credit card – and arrange shipment. All in one screen. All in Tall Emu.

What’s more , the feature connects with many phone systems – existing customers can be identified by their phone number preparing the screen for immediate use. New clients have their number logged automatically – making sure that next time they call you know who they are.

Quick Call Sample

On the screenshot above, we have created two contacts – John and Jane Sample;  their company record too – and we have captured their suburb and state so we can give them an instant freight quote.

The call record lets us record outcomes of calls – and a quote can be generated inline.

With a single click, we can send the quote – or accept it – and, once accepted we can even arrange the shipment (entering in the full address) as well as accept payment by credit card and give the customer their receipt number!

If the quote doesn’t proceed immediately , you can specify a follow-up strategy which which will remind you to follow it up later (or do it for you, depending on your settings).

If you’re interested in streamlining your quote process in CRM to help you sell more, get in contact with Tall Emu today.