So we finally decided to make a cloud-based CRM

So we finally decided to make a cloud-based CRM


When we first started to develop Tall Emu CRM, our goal was to create a CRM that could be easily, quickly and cost-effectively tailored to suit the needs of any business. We achieved that goal, and we haven’t seen a product like it anywhere when you compare dollar for dollar, feature for feature.  What we can do with our product when given the budget, the mandate and the customer buy-in is absolutely amazing.

Many businesses drive their entire organisation off our technology – and that technology isn’t going anywhere.  Even today, we’re in the midst of a whole suite of improvements – manufacturing, quoting, online presentation of quotes, web-chat, dynamic BOM, integrations with transport companies… and more.

Why Cloud?  Why Now?

Windows applications don’t work on a tablet, and it don’t work when a chap in Sydney calls his good friend in Perth and says “Let’s Start a business!” Our on-site software needs infrastructure, and it’s not going to work if you don’t have that in place, or if your team are scattered around the globe.

Many micro-businesses use cloud-based accounting and tablets and mobiles rather than being in the office. Enterprise software just doesn’t suit them.

Even if a client does have infrastructure, they don’t necessarily want to maintain (or pay for the maintenance) of that system. It’s become pretty clear to us: we need a horse in the cloud-crm race.

So we decided to make a new CRM


The KanBan view of opportunities in Tall Emu cloud CRM allows you to see deals at a glance, and drag and drop between stages.

What goes into the design of a cloud-based CRM?

One of the most common things our customers like is that we’ve built our software for our local market of Australia and New Zealand. So we’ve decided to put our global domination plans on hold and build for the market we know, operate in, and love.  Home.

So what are the goals? What are we trying to do for business in our home market?

  • These businesses use MYOB, Reckon and Xero – and so we must work seamlessly with them.
  • These businesses don’t have offices or infrastructure – and so we must work without it.
  • These businesses have staff around the country – so we designed a system that won’t require you to get together for training.

Using the expertise of developing software for Australian and New Zealand businesses over the last 15 years, as well as the valuable feedback and suggestions from our client base we’re building the world’s easiest to use, most intuitive CRM available.

We’ve done the hard yards before in building complex software – and now we’re moving it to the cloud (properly).

Built for Australian and New Zealand businesses:

  • Locally managed.
  • Locally owned.
  • Locally supported.
  • Connects to stuff that you use, without third-party add-ons.

Big claims, perhaps – but for the last year we’ve been secretly working on this cloud-based CRM – specifically for small businesses in Australia and New Zealand and we are already a good way towards meeting the goal.  Everyone who has seen it so far has fallen in love with it.


Not just a paint job

While there are many elements of our CRM that will be re-used – our MYOB knowledge, e-marketing, inbox 360 and so on – we decided that our new CRM user interface would be rebuilt from first principles.

Our user interface on the desktop CRM is polarising – people either love it or hate it… so we’re designing something that everyone will love.  It is a complete re-think of how things should look, given a web-browser interface and we’ll be taking what we learn here back into our desktop product too.

We’re relentlessly focusing on ease of use, simple ways to accomplish common tasks such as telemarketing. As David wrote in his recent blog – the CRM must not turn you into a slave for it.

We can’t wait to show it to you.

But we’re not going to just yet

Sorry. After that build up you probably expected a few screenshots and maybe a trial login. We’re not quite ready, and we want to keep our powder dry (and our competition in the dark).

We’re fortunate enough to have a great CRM product already, so we’re not in a rush to release this before it’s cooked.   Indeed, we debated long and hard whether to even mention this product until it was ready. However, after much debate we did feel on balance that we should tell you it’s coming – some clients have been evaluating “should I go cloud or buy a new server”.

A message for our existing and new clients

We know that not everyone wants cloud. Not everyone has a fast internet connection. Not everyone trusts their data to some random server on the internet. Not everything makes sense in the cloud.

Our new cloud product adds choice, our existing on-site product will keep on growing and be supported as always.

BUT – if you do want to move to the cloud at some stage in the future there will be a transfer process as seamless and painless as we know how to make it.