Storm Clouds – the danger of cloud-based CRM

Storm Clouds – the danger of cloud-based CRM


I’m angry, so this is going to be one of those posts.  At the time I write this, our email systems are completely offline.  None of my clients can email me, none of my prospects can contact me.   I could be ignoring valuable leads right now.  I could be missing important support emails right now.

It’s not my fault – our internal systems are operating correctly.  I still have my CRM, my internet connection (so I can type an angry blog post) – but due to circumstances beyond my control no inbound email works.

The website I normally access is offline.  Has the business gone bust ?  Where is my email ?  What do I do ?

I called the number in the US to be told that they do not offer email support (recorded message) and I had to use their support system.

Unfortunately, I have forgotten my password – which they could easily send me by email.  Oops.

20 years ago I didn’t have email.  Today – it’s not been working for 6 hours and I am enraged.

The good news is my CRM still works…

…because of course I am using Tall Emu CRM, I can still access my CRM.   It’s installed in MY office, under MY control, where my data is safe.   I can access it via the web if I want to using our web-access component.

I’m enraged at the lack of email (ok, annoyed) – but it’s not a company killer.  I’ll probably have to apologise to a few clients who have sent me emails I didn’t respond to in a timely fashion but such is life.

But if this were my (or your) CRM – we’d be in trouble.   It’s been 6 hours now, and there is no sign of life in my email system.

Cloud may be sexy and new, but there are significant risks as well as rewards that people don’t get to see when they look and see the sales pitch.

The other thing it has given me an appreciation for those clients that prefer to communicate by phone, and we’ll make sure that we have people – real people – answering the phones at Tall Emu HQ.