Tall Emu Listed at 10th in Australia for CRM for Inventory based Business

Back in late 2020, Tall Emu was listed as a Major CRM for Businesses that work with Physical Products.

Tall Emu is a CRM and Inventory Management making a Stock Smart CRM that is gaining traction, especially in this time of high demand for locally made products and more businesses going online with E-commerce stores.

Matt Paff, if you’ve not heard of him, is a very knowledgeable Independent Business Software Advisors ‘focused on the accounting, CRM / ERP, HR and Payroll software markets, with a particular focus on the Australian and New Zealand perspective’.

Number 10 of 20 that made the list

You can go here for the full list and the his well written review but here is a quote that made us smile.

“Tall Emu offers a competitive CRM that, almost better than every other product on the list, is very specific to the inventory-based target audience. From prospecting and pipeline management to quoting and activity tracking – Tall Emu is a a solid offering for an SME looking for CRM.”