Tall Emu Mobile CRM – Coming soon to a device near you

Tall Emu Mobile CRM – Coming soon to a device near you

I’ve debated all weekend before deciding whether or not to post this, and in the end excitement wins!    I’m happy to show off the very first version of Tall Emu Mobile CRM.

The photo below shows the first version of Tall Emu’s new mobile CRM product running on a Galaxy Tab device.   This isn’t a mockup, or a photoshop job – this is our newest application  connected up to our live CRM database.

It’s based on the same technology as our new Inbox 360 Outlook Plugin and it will run on Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows phones.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM running on the Samasung Galaxy Tab. Yes, it’s real, and yes, we think it looks awesome too!

What’s so cool about Tall Emu’s mobile CRM ?   Well, without giving away all our secrets, here are few things you may like…

  • It connects to the CRM database inside your office, so your data is safe and under your control.
  • If you have linked your CRM to MYOB, Reckon Accounts, Quickbooks, EXO or Infusion – then your sales team will have access to invoices and account details from these applications (via Tall Emu) while on the road.
  • You can have a mobile access to your data without a move to the cloud (if, for example, your internet is a bit “intermittent”).
  • Take a look at the list of things that Tall Emu CRM integrates with – and then imagine that integration being out on the road.

We’ll write more about the mobile app as it gets closer to release date – but for now, enjoy the sneak peek!