20 Useful CRM Automations

20 Useful CRM Automations


Top 20 most common process automation we’ve done for customers of Tall Emu CRM

The potential for automation with Tall Emu CRM is massive and we don’t really make time to tell everyone what type of Automation’s we have done for clients. Here are the most common or recent process automatons, but there are hundreds more we do and can do.

Customer service

1.    Automatic logging of Phone calls inbound and outbound to the business
2.    Automatically pull in customer data (financials, opportunities and recent communications) into Outlook without having to look in CRM
3.    Automatically update opportunity status based on monitored events and activity.
4.    Pop screens of customer data (financials, etc.) when phone rings

Marketing Automation

5.    Automatically add someone to a target list for marketing campaigns
6.    Automatically follow up salespeople to speak to Leads and opportunities.
7.    Automatically drip feed communication to leads that are not active or thinking.

Sales Automation

8.    Dynamic Proposal / Brochure Creation
9.    Fast Quote calculation
10.  Auto quote follow-up (either customer or salesman)
11.   Salesman’s Target reports auto sent

Accounts & Billing

12.    Automatically sending of invoices and charging of Credit cards (especially recurring ones like membership or subscriptions)
13.    Automatic Follow-up rule based reminders on outstanding Invoices
14.    Automatic transfer of customer, sales and other data to accounting systems
15.    Send invoices via EDI (used for Mitre 10)


16.    Automatic update of Stock values and availability (between CRM and accounting system)
17.    Automatic estimation of stock level based prior sales history
18.    Automatic calculations of Landed costs (great for importers)

Management Reports

19.    Automatically send Management Reports on Business Activity to Management
20.    Broadcast Sales performance on a big Screen on the sales floor

Ask Us For Help

If there is something in your business that can be automated or if there is a job that is laborious and time-consuming, then feel free to ask us if we could engineer it out or automate a solution.