Version 3.1 End of Life

Version 3.1 End of Life

As we’ve previously advised our clients, Tall Emu CRM v3.1 is going “End of Life” as of 30 June 2019.

Tall Emu version 3.1 was released 6 years ago, and we’ve since released v3.2, v4 and now have version 5 and our Web CRM. As per our longstanding policy, we only support the most recent two versions of our software – is is impractical for us to support and keep 4 products updated.

What does this mean for customers on v3.1?

If you are on version 3.1 , you’ll need to update to version 4.0 or move to our web CRM. The software won’t suddenly stop working on 30 June – but since we are not doing updates to it, as things change and different versions of software such as word, outlook, windows, campaign monitor or eway are released – it will slowly become non functional.

MYOB are discontinuing their old “Classic” product as of September. So if you’re on MYOB Classic you also need to start thinking about where to move to.

What should I do?

Depending on your requirements there are three options with Tall Emu:

  • Web CRM – Pure cloud CRM, runs in your browser. Zero infrastructure and easy to use. It is not yet as fully featured as the desktop CRM, however, it is rapidly being enhanced and is our cheapest product.
  • Version 4 – Version 4 is the current successor to version 3.1/3.2 CRM. It offers a familiar user-interface but is faster with lots of usabiity improvements.
  • V4 Hybrid – Combines v4, Synchronized with our cloud CRM. Your data still exists in your office, but some data and features are available in the cloud, from our datacenter.

What happens 30 June?

Don’t worry, nothing happens. Support ends , which means that if you call for help on that product we won’t be able to provide it. No updates will be available – but the product will keep working.