Web CRM Sync

Need Cloud CRM?  

Existing customers can try it for 6 months FREE*

We have connected our Desktop CRM to our web-based CRM due to customer demand for a field-solution for mobile and interstate staff.    The Sync process will sync your office CRM (or hosted Tall Emu CRM) giving you the best of both worlds.


Why Tall Emu Cloud CRM?

  • Simple to use – log in and get access right away.
  • Cloud hosted – no new infrastructure required.
  • No complex setup – syncs your data securely and automatically.
  • Links to your existing Tall Emu – Low risk, no loss of function.


What features are available?

  • Mobile and tablet access of company, contact, opportunity and project data [core fields only]
  • Tasks, Meetings, Notes data – Create, View and update
  • Map, Grid and Kanban views of Companies, Opportunities, Projects
  • Send SMS messages
  • Access to financial data while on the Road
  • Projects & Task in our Kanban view
  • Sync back to your Desktop CRM
  • …and shortly the ability to quote on the spot and get digital signatures.

We’d previously looked at (and postponed) this project – however – the benefits of having this are too great to ignore.  For example – you can use the Enterprise/Desktop CRM to manage and delegate tasks, plan meetings and manage sales and accounts.      When on the road, you can use the driving directions and speech recognition features of CRM to get to meetings and quickly record notes.

Over time more features will work between desktop and cloud CRM, including field service functions, charts and dashboards – but right now web CRM combined with desktop is compelling for in-field staff.

* The not-so small print:

  • We’ll give you a free trial if you are an existing or new Tall Emu desktop/enterprise customer with a current subscription licence.
  • We’ll set it up free.
  • You can use it for all your licenced users in your business
  • Try it for 6 months (all features)
  • At the end of the 6 months if you don’t think it’s worth paying for we’ll shut it off, and not charge you a cent for it.  If you want to keep it it is $10 per user per month (where you already have a licenced desktop user).
  • This is available to existing and New Tall Emu customers with a current desktop subscription.
  • First installations should start on 1st August 2018.
  • Installations done on first-come, first-served basis and are subject to provision of access to your systems, and normal business as usual support takes priority over free installs.